SOTA growth in Romania (YO)

Just finished a statistic on SOTA in Romania for the local website and I thought a few graphs might be interesting to share:

Yearly achieved activator points:

Yearly activated summits:

Sorry for the like-it’s-1999 graphics, it’s not my strong point :smile:

Razvan currently M/YO9IRF.


Hi Razvan, Not sure if the graphs contain the foreign assistance during the YO SOTA Marathon, but no matter if it’s with or without we have fond memories of our YO-activations.
Enjoy England!

73, Hans PB2T


Hi Hans,

the charts are based on the activity of YO amateurs, including activations done in other countries. So no, your points are not taken into consideration, but as you said the 2015 Marathon was pretty memorable anyway so who cares about the points :).

Just wanted to point out that the YO SOTA activity is taking off pretty nicely.


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Good news about the SOTA activity in YO. It seems that increasingly more romanian radio amateurs are involved in this beautiful activity. Complete different situation comparing to 2011 when we were only 2 permanent activators in YO.
Meet you in HF from DL in the first days of March!