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SOTA Goat is back

It has become standard operating procedure for me to log out / log back in to my SOTA account on SOTA Goat before I leave home for a summit. The login expires. Usually at the worst possible time (i.e. on a summit with crap mobile service, in a snowstorm or downpour). Not a big deal, just another item for the pre-flight checklist.


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Thanks for your hints, Andrew, but this hasn’t worked on my installation. I had logged off and back and could set up and edit an alert with SOTA Goat, but no background color. Deleting this test alert from the SOTA Goat app didn’t work unfortunately - it displayed “Deleting …” and the circle turned endlessly until I closed the app.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Hi Markus,
If you don’t see your own posts highlighted, then you are logged on with a different user id from that which was used to post the original alert or spot.

What follows is a guess: It used to be that you could (accidentally) log on with a user id that had a space embedded or before the callsign letters. Internally, sotawatch used to validate that user and find it matched (by removing spaces before the comparison) but did not remove (the spaces) from the callsign in the actual post. So when you want to edit it, you have to log on with the same leading or trailing space. I thought that problem had been fixed long ago, but just in case, try with your home computer using the website rather than sotagoat.

Good luck…
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Edit: I see you are using sotl.as to post spots, so the above guess is probably not relevant.

Logout/Log back in… I think the credential cache gets invalidated (cookies maybe? not entirely sure)… but I just logged out/logged in to resolve. I try and remember to do this before I leave consistent coverage just to be sure!

Hi all,
my application shows nearby summits acc to my location during second previous weekend (10 days ago) and does not wish to update.
On the map actual current location appears OK.
Any tips ?

73, Jarek SP9MA

I have similar behavior (guessing we all do) with the nearby summits list. It refreshes the list when you open the app (if it was closed), but not sure how @WW1X has it setup to refresh (or not) when the app remains open and you move locations. For example, if I open the app up at home it shows the nearby summits, but then I drive 50 miles to do a SOTA it still shows the summits near my home (most of the time). I have seen that sometimes it refreshes, but not sure what the secret combination is other than closing the app fully and re-opening. In the original version of sotagoat the same behavior would happen if you kept the summit page open and then moved location, but that was easily remedied, but just navigating up to the top level and diving back into the summits list. Maybe Rockwell will see this and respond or I can email him. Been meaning to mention this behavior, so glad you did! Jim/K7MK

Hi Jim,
Thank you. It was unchanged despite on application closing and openong again but today I found that it works = shows summits properly. In the meantime I restarted the phone, may by it was helped may be not. Anyway now it works. I will check again after next activation trip.

73, Jarek

thanks a lot, great app. Would it be possible in one of the next versions that different filters can be used for the spots. For example only Europe or similar to sotl.as

DD6FM - Marco