SOTA Goat is back (Part 1)

Sorry for my bad english. But I mean something like this:

Thank you Rockwell.

One minor issue:
On my iPhone SE (SW 13.3.1) the associations are displayed in pages which are truncated.
Example: Summits - Browse - Associations -> The first page shows 3Y … CT3 / CU.
When I try to scroll further to have CX or DL in the middle the page jumps upwards and shows DM … EA8.
And if I try to scroll further to have EA9 or EI in the middle the page jumps upwards and shows ES … GD.
Similar when I try to have JA or LA or ON … in the middle of the page.
So it is very difficult to chose CX, DL, EA9, EI, JA …

On the subpages, e.g. DL Association or DL/MF Region, this problem does not occur:
Here I can scroll smoothly (without jumps) through the lists.

73, Andy

Hi Andy, that is indeed strange. I see the same behavior. Thanks for the report!

Thanks Rockwell. I have missed my SotaGoat! Now, when I try to update, it completes the download to 100% then disappears. It does not go through the associations like it used to, so there is still nothing there. How can I jump start it again? Thx!
Scott kw4jm

Scott, when you click on settings->about does it say you are on version 3? Just wondering if you got the update from the App Store…


Confirming similar responses to scrolling up and down the associations list. It behaves as though locked to page-breaks, forcing them to revert to display individual pages of rows, rather than allowing scrolling in intermediate steps.

I didn’t use the login on settings, I did encounter it when adding a new alert though, it requested my SSO user/password, which worked immediately.
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Also: I hope to see reinstated the function that allowed me to construct a spot from an alert. This is most useful when first self-spotting from my own alert. That function was lost a few versions ago, it was replaced by “create duplicate alert” which I doubt if I would ever use as I have the ability to edit the existing alert, if it needs amending. Hope this can go onto the to-do list…
The cloning of a spot from an alert saves retyping the call, summit code. The frequ has to be entered, but removing “typing” errors from the call and summit code on a mobile device is gold. We so often see “my spot was incorrect” on this reflector and I dare say some of those errors are simply typos.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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Josh it says Version 1.3.0
PS: Tnx fer yer call today on Hump!

Mine says v 3. Screen shot deleted, apologies for uploading something with an email address (poor etiquette).

Scott, you’re still on the old version. You can go to the App Store on your phone – then search for SOTA Goat – to manually download the update. Apps usually update automatically overnight, if you have that enabled.

You’ve pointed out a fundamental problem with the app’s design - it doesn’t do enough to differentiate between the two use cases: chasing, and activating. I’m planning to sort that out, so that the app can provide sane defaults that (a) save you time, based on what you’re doing, and (b) don’t require a billion settings to set up and change.

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Rockwell and Josh, updating did it. Now on Version 3.3. Thanks very much. Sota Goat is a GREAT resource and i enjoy it very much. (Now if I could just get the Goat sound back…)
Tnx agn,
Scott kw4jm


If you unmute your phone and poke around the About screen, you might hear something…


Beautiful! Stinky I have missed you.

Rockwell, it’s an interesting point. I think I would very rarely use the phone for posting a spot, when chasing from home. It is easier to use the sotawatch website when you have a full size screen and keyboard. My app usage is nearly always when in the field, but that’s just me. Even then, converting an alert into a spot for another operator is a useful function. I would rarely want to make a duplicate alert - the activator would have to be half way up a hill and requesting a revised alert be published for him/her. In that case the existing function would be ideal, but IMHO the conversion/cloning function alert -> spot is more frequently required.

The situation where I post an alert without having just contacted the activator myself is rare. It might be where multiple operators are on a summit and operator 3 (say) is having trouble making the 4 contacts. In that case I will spot him to give him a bit more visibility. But again, it would be using the website, most often.

I also run the app on my Ipad. I use it in landscape format with a keyboard. I didn’t find an update for the app when I looked on the ipad this morning, I hope it will be available.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

I think there was a misunderstanding - I will definitely add the “new spot from alert” button back since it is a relatively easy fix. I was just ruminating.

The iPad app was released simultaneously and should be available - check again.

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@WW1X Great to see an updated version :slight_smile:
Suggestion: add filtering options for spots (mode, band, continent like on This would help us chase S2S during activations. I don’t do CW yet, or data and certain bands so it would be great to be able to filter those out!

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@WW1X What fantastic news, Rock!! Thanks so much for the update and for following up with me. I’ve updated and look forward to enjoying a great screen fit and dark mode. By the way, I tried responding via email (to cq [at], but it’s bouncing, so there may be something up with the domain registration.

Cheers & 73
Steve K7YEM

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Thank you so much for the update! I use this app almost daily for chasing and/or activating…

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Confirming that the ipad app has also updated (it was set to update automatically).
Re the cloning of alerts either into new alerts or new spots, both functions are desirable because they reduce the chances of mistyped callsigns and summits. And also because the whole concept is cool and handy. (Sotawatch could even add this function to its web pages…). So I’m not intending to suggest removing the cloning of alerts, but just to reinstate/add the conversion of alerts into spots… more functionality is good unless the screen gets too congested…
I was on a summit yesterday and found my regular self-spotting and logging app was not posting spots. Part of the conversion pain all apps are undergoing as sotawatch3 replaces sotawatch2. But you’ll be pleased to know that I was able to use Sotagoat (3) to post my spots, then continue to spot as I moved between bands, using the duplicate spot option. Many thanks… (and worked a JA on 20m cw, at good strength)
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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