SOTA Goat Feed Albuquerque Baloon Fiesta

GM OM/XYL and Goats

Ok here is the consensus. We go to the original eatery on the east side of the Mountains. Anyone that can read this is welcome… posted to SOTA NA reflector.

12220 N. Hwy 14
Cedar Crest , NM 87008

Hours of Operation
Tues - Saturday: 11AM - 9PM
Sunday: 11:30AM - 8:30PM
Closed Mondays
WEDNESDAY NIGHT 7pm 10/07/2015. I will be headed out so anyone needs a ride call me at 505-966-6131 … have room for 5. I will call ahead and save some big tables.

This would be a good time for the DX goats to pick off W5N/SI-001 Sandia Peak as well. Dusk is at 7 so a activation at 430 would be about right. The BBQ joint is on the way …
Scotty Wright
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"Beyond mountains there are mountains" Haitian proverb
Scotty Wright