SOTA Fun Evening

Looks like it was just me tonight then!

But what the heck, I had an hour to kill, some battered haggis to walk off and I hadn’t been up The Cloud G/SP-015 for at least a week and a half.

It was 70cm on the RSGB Activity Contest calendar this week. I ended up making just 12 contacts, 9 on SSB and 3 on FM. It was very quiet compared to the 433MHz bonanzas experienced in the June and July 70cm nights, but the weather was comparitively bobbins to be fair. Best DX was G0XDI in IO91RQ, 199km.

73, Tom M1EYP

In reply to M1EYP:

Hi Tom,

You may have seen my alert- I booked a half day’s annual leave for yesterday (I work evenings) so that I could activate Rombalds Moor for the Fun evening and 70cms contest. I noticed that it had been raining heavily since the early hours yesterday, so I looked at the BBC weather forecast and it said that the day’s weather was going to be predominately heavy rain. I decided that I’d cancel my leave and stay at work!

Looking out of the window at work at about 6pm I thought I’d made a mistake as the sun was shining - but when I next looked out of the window at 8.15pm (windows are few and far between at work!) it was throwing it down! I made the right decision after all!

Rombald’s moor always seems to be boggy, so I guess it would have been pretty bad yesterday. In a way it’s ironic that I didn’t get out yesterday as I bought a shiny new Gore Tex Pro Shell jacket at the weekend and I want to try it out!

Lets hope the weather gets better, and hopefully the remaining fun nights may be better supported.

73 Colin