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SOTA for sale section

I wonder if anyone thinks a SOTA for sale/wanted section might be a good idea? Richard G3CWI already provides his excellent fleamarket site but I was thinking the ability to link from here to there may be of benefit to SOTA chasers and activators.

For example, if I had an FT1000 for sale (I dont) then that would be of general interest to amateurs it’s not specifically SOTA. However, if I had an FT817 for sale (I dont) then whilst that would still be of general interest to amateurs it would be specifically more interesting to anyone who was thinking of doing some activating. Likewise handhelds are of interest generally but I guess that a 23cms handheld might be snapped up very quickly.

This simply a thought at present and it would need some consideration so that it wasn’t spammed with items that are not particularly SOTA related. I wouldn’t want to see adverts appear in the reflector topics but an extra item could be added to the menu and that could be used to link to the fleamarket.

It’s easy to think up jobs for other people to have to do but if there is sufficient interest perhaps we could get this placed on the todo list for our excellent web designer/programmer.


In reply to MM0FMF:


Personally I wouldn’t have that much use for a FOR SALE site specific to SOTA as I don’t change my kit very often. However others might be interested. The Flea Market certainly works - that’s where I obtained my 23cms handheld - by placing a WANTED ad.

73, Gerald