SOTA Finder app won't run on my Android 6

I used to use the SOTA Finder app by ZBM2 when I had Android 5 on my phone, but since getting a new phone with Android 6 I get the message, “Unfortunately SOTA Finder has stopped”. Another friend has the same problem with his Android 6 phone and on his new Android 7 phone. No reply from ZBM2. Has anyone else run into this situation and resolved the problem? _paul, AD4IE

Under Settings, Apps, choose the App and make sure it’s allowed to access the Location permission. Mine runs fine on 6.0.1, but a lot of older apps don’t check the value returned from the Permissions system and end up with a NullPointerException and the app dies (Under older Android, the app set the permissions, under newer Android, you get to decide what it can access).

Thank you, Andrew. I did what you said and all is well now. _paul