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Sota f/po-245

Hello SOTA friends

The video of last SOTA F/PO-245 is online:

Best 73

Andre – f5ukl

In reply to F5UKL:

Magnifique André, magnifique. Fascinant le pays basque et sa langue.

As-tu recu le mail que je t’en envoyé concernant le Spot GPS?



In reply to F5UKL:
Once again another fantasic film Andre. Thank you very much for taking the time to active the summit and filming it too. I do enjoy the Basque folk music that you play with your films. It is so important to let people know that there are other languages spoken in Europe other than French, German, English and Spanish etc. How many people know that there are at least 75 other languages still spoken and recognised by the European Union.
Diolch yn fawr iawn unwaith eto am eich cyfraniad ar yr awyr. Dwi’n edrych ymlaen i wilio’r cyflwyniad nesaf.
Alun 2W0CYM

In reply to VA2SG:
Bonjour Jean Pierre
Oui, je t’ai répondu. Mais je ne vais pas souvent sur MSN, d’où mon retard dans la réponse. Il vaut mieux utiliser f5ukl@orange.fr
Oui, au Pays des Basques, tout est différent et tout change d’une vallée à l’autre.
Cordiales 73

In reply to 2W0CYM:
Hello Alun
Thanks for message and comment.
Basque language is unique. We don’t know the origine.
And their songs are beautiful.
I’m very glad that you enjoy the videos and It is a great pleasure, for me, to show how It different in every parts of south west France. As long as I can because I become old :slight_smile:
Best 73 and I hope we’ll meet again.

In reply to F5UKL:

Kaixo Andre!

Merci pour un autre superbe vidéo.
I’ve noticed that your activation from “XOLDOKOGAINA” (SOTA F/PO-245) doesn’t appear on your “Activator Log”.
Checking the Activation History, into the Summit Report for Mont Choldocogagna, your activation of April 6th is not listed here… (and if I remember correctly, I think I saw this activity in Recent Activations).

Eskerrik asko eta agur bero bat, 73!!!


In reply to EC2DM:
Agur David
Merci pour le message.
And thanks to remind me that I’ve forgot to upload the F/PO-245 log.
It’s done now.
Best 73 and thanks again for all qso.
@ndre - f5ukl