SOTA F/PO-242 - Ahargo

The video of the SOTA F/PO-242 - Ahargo is on

Best 73
André f5ukl


Hello Andre,
thanks for the video and the S2S contact.
I was willing to see the video and hear my signals at your summit, because I couldn’t make my iambic key work that day and I had to call you in emergency using just one paddle as a straight key to be able to do the S2S!

This is the first time I ever used a straight key in a SOTA, and it doesn’t sound that bad, hi hi
Thanks again and looking forward for many more qso (now my paddle is repaired!)
73 de Ignacio

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Kaixo Ignacio!
Thanks a lot for your message and comment.
I was surprised to hear you because we were closed each other.
I could hear that something was wrong but we did the qso and it is the most important.
Best 73 and i hope that we’ll meet again soon.
André f5ukl

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