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SOTA F/PO-221 - Le Beout

The SOTA F/PO-221 - Le Beout is on

Best 73
André f5ukl


Hi André,
Congrats for the 85 Qso! It has been a long time since i didn’t do as much!
I can remenber few years ago, when i had 248 qso only cw on one single summit.
May be the old good times is back?
73 Gerald F6HBI

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Hello Gérald
Thanks for the message.
I had plenty of time to work and 2 batteries then It was easier :grinning:
I was lucky because 40m was wide open
Best 73

Thanks Andre for a nicely edited video - amateurs and you “as seen on TV”!

It must take you a long time to create the masterpiece! Longer than the activation maybe?

Great, and a good practice for the CW students if they watch the film - with the usual suspects calling you in Morse on the summit.

Many thanks OM
de Phil G4OBK

Hi, Andrè merci for this nice Video.It show perfectly the situation during the activity congrats e 73 e a bien tot

Hello Phil
Thanks a lot for the message.
No, it is not difficult to make videos. I use a perfect software to do that. Since years I do that I’m skilled now :grinning:.I know that Gerald f6hbi is listenning at morse, funny! Yes it could be a good practice because some calls are really dificult to décode in QRM, QSB,QRN.
Best 73 and I hope that we’ll meet soon.

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Hello Paul.
Thanks for the message and nice comments.
It is the pleasure to share.
Best 73