Hello SOTA friends
Video from last SOTA is online at :

I forgot to show, in video, the gps statement of the summit. You can find It on my blog :

Best 73
Andre – f5ukl

In reply to F5UKL:

Thank you for a colourful video of the summit and of the mysterious stone-age circles. There are some of these in Britain.

I know what you mean about wind-chill. It is the thing that troubles us most.

You have a very good zoom lens on your camera.

I noticed that F/PO-137 looks rather difficult! I would not like to try it, especially with the quantity of snow it has just now.

Take care & 73, John G4YSS.

(PS: An opportunity to say thank you for the 40m CW S2S - F/PO-182 to G/NP-018 on 14/03/2008!)

In reply to G4YSS:
Dear John
Thanks a lot for your email and comments.
I used a loudspeaker with KX1 because I record qso but if I plug a headphone together on KX1, I’ve no more BF. Then I had to lean towards loudspeaker and It is not easy to hear in wind.
Yes I know that there are a lot of stone-age over Europe. Everytime, I try to show something special from or around summit.

I was on F/PO-137 last july. I walked from the other side of summit. Less long and less difficult with heavy rucksack. But in summer, without snow on summit, many people walk from Iraty to the summit on the left crest. 3 hours one way. All road are closed in winter and few people are going on summit, in winter. There are strong wind on this part of mountains.

All my best 73 to you and yours and I hope we’ll meet again S2S.

Andre - f5ukl