SOTA F/PO-157 - Pic de Males Ores

Hello SOTA friends

The video of the SOTA F/PO-157 - Pic de Males Ores is online

Best 73

Andre – f5ukl


Well done André! Very nice movie.
ON5XX Joel

Hello Joel
Thanks a lot for comment.
It is a pleasure to share.
Best 73
André f5ukl

Hi Andre,

I always enjoy the video of your activations. I am trying to learn French so I try to listen to what you are saying and try to avoid looking at your subtitles.

It is also nice to hear your own CW as you received it.

Another great video!

73 Andrew G4AFI

Hi André… Thanks for the view of Pau :wink: !!! Not earing you on this ;-( but very nice video !
See you on 27th :smile:

Hi André,
Tnx again for the nice video, i’m still pleased to listen to CW from chasers.
Today in my place we are having rain, then plenty time to watch sota report.
73 from F6HBI Gerald

Hello Andrew
Thanks for your message and thanks for looking at the video.
I try always to show how this area is beautiful with so many different landscape.
I hope that you will be soon clever in French. Most of the time the subtitles are the translation of the French.
About the audio record, I save always the audio record of the activity and I can send the whole qso. It is very useful for me because, often, I write a wrong call in my logbook. When I hear and read again the log, I can find easily the mistake.
Thanks again for your call and I hope that we’ll meet soon again.
André f5ukl

Hello Tof and Gérald
Thanks a lot for your message.
@ Tof Yes, I hope that we can meet each others at the end odf February.
@Gérald. Here also, the wx is rain and strong wind. The weather forecast is rain and wind until 27th of february. No luck.
Best 73 and I hope to meet you again soon on the air.
André f5ukl

Salut André, il n’y a pas l’air a y avoir beaucoup de neige en ce moment sur cette région ? si ca peut etre moins froid pour l’activation c’est tant mieux.
Merci pour le vidéo.


Hope that the 28th it’ll be SUNNY !!! :wink: See you there André

Bonjour Eric
Effectivement, il a neigé il y a 15 jours mais la température est positive sur tout le massif Pyrénéen.
Il y a quelques années, il y avait encore 3 glaciers et aujourd’hui il n’en reste qu’un et il ne va pas résister longtemps.
Cordiales 73

Not sure but I hope. The weather forecast is rain.
Best 73

Bonjour André.
Beautiful landscapes and of course also the Basque music, merci!
73 QRO de Manfred - DL9MDI

Hello Manfred
Thanks for the comments. Every area in the Pyrenean mountains are different from each others.
It is always a great pleasure to discover a new landscape.
You are an “aficionado” of the Basque music :+1:
73 qro de André

Thanks for all the fb SOTA CW QSO’s André. Super Video!

73’s Karel