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SOTA F/PO-095 - Pic de Crabere

You’ll find the video here
Best 73


Images magnifiques - merci beaucoup

super location. what a lovely place to wild camp.

Thank you for your comments.
The pleasure was for me and share.
Andre - f5ukl

Bonjour André.
Wonderful shots, such as for example the shadow of the peaks during the Sunrise!
By the way, we did follow the Pyrenees tour of the tour de France on television.
I missed your SOTA flag on the summits there.
In the SOTA Activator log I could read that you had not made any activation at this time, hi trois fois.
73 QRO de Manfred - DL9MDI

Hello Manfred
Thank you for the message.
I was never on Tour de France. Too much crazy people on the road, on the pass and so on. You can see them on the front of the bikers on the slope. It is a big circus :smiley:
I was looking at my log and I can see that the activities are on!.
Best 73 and see you soon.

Very nice video. Congrats. Please info about ur antenna for 20 M. I can see a small stick/rod…how many feet,… radials…

Best regards



this is a vy vy vy vy nice activation. Wonderful movie, wish I could do some activation like this.

Good luck es hope cuagn.73 Tonnie, PA9CW.

Hello Roger
Thank you for the message.
The antenna is a ATX1080, the telexcopic wip is more or less open.
I use a MFJ249 to built the radial which is about 5m long on 40m.
I roll up or unwind the radial around a handle of kite according to the frequency.
Best 73 and the pleasure to meet you again.

Hello Tonnie.
Thank you for the message.
I use to say that I’m a lucky guy to live in this part of France because my playground is between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
Best 73 and see you soon