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SOTA F/PE-127 - Cap de Bouirex

Hello SOTA friends

The video of the SOTA F_PE-127 - Cap de Bouirex is online

Best 73

Andre – f5ukl


Hallo Andre,

You are a realy busy man Andre to climb all these summits.Thanks again for these fine video’s from the south of France.
And at the end of the video i heard the Byrds playing ’ Going Back again’.These’s were one of my favourite’s group’s
in the 1963-1969.I have most of the lp’s from them,but that’s a long time ago Andre.In the meantime i’am 67.
So keep up climing these summits.



hello André !
tanks and "well done " for video
Alain/f8feo : the follower

Hello Walter
Thanks for comments. It use to be a real pleasure for me to hike up all those beautiful summits. Sometimes it’s hard but that’s the sota life.
About the music, I’m a fan of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Then I have a lot of records. And my age is more than 70 years old then I take care of myself. I’ll try to work the sota as long as possible.
Thanks again also for all your calls.
Best 73 and see you again soon.
Andre f5ukl

Hello Alain
Thanks for your following. It is always a pleasure to hear you.
Best 73 and see you again soon.
Andre f5ukl