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Sota Eguna 2017




this is the 4th time we hold the annual meeting of EA2 SOTA activators and friends.
This year we will activate on Sunday 18th of june.

So far we are more than 20 amateurs that will share equipment and antennas to activate Mount Bizcay, ref. EA2/NV-142.

We will use the special callsign EG2UNA, as for the previous years, and we will operate for a while then changing operator.

If you can please try to work us in different modes / bands as it is possibly an operator change.
We will report and provide some pictures and the story after the event.

Cheers and 73 de Ignacio
EA2/NV celebration of the Sota day in EA2


all is ready and prepared for the activation of the EA2 Sota Day. (SUNDAY 18th June between 09h-11h approx).
We have updated the Alert and will activate on the following Bands and modes:

HF: between 7 up to 28 MHz, SSB / CW and probably Digital / JT65
VHF 145 FM / UHF FM and DMR on simplex 438.600 tg99 and tg 2142 EA2.

Remember we will only use EG2UNA as for the Callsign, and because we are a big group of around 25 operators, we will change the operator frequently.
Therefore if you can, please try to work us in several different band or mode, as we all will need 4 qso to qualify!

Thanks in advance and best regards
73 de Ignacio

My days are currently full of tasks and duties (it’s 1h18 AM and I haven’t finished yet), so I’m sorry to say I won’t be able to join you for the EA2 SOTA EGUNA = EA2 SOTA DAY party.
I hope I’ll be able to chase you and I want to wish you all a very nice time in the mountain and later during the lunch at the restaurant. I’m sure it will be an unforgettable experience and you’ll all have a lot of fun.

Best 73,



Now that I started my holidays, I had time to prepare the summary video for this multi-operator activation.

Thanks all chasers. Despite the poor propagation we had, we all qualified by operating briefly in turn.
Day was bright and when we descent, we all enjoyed of a well made meal in a small restaurant near the summit.

Here a picture of the big group of operators and relatives: we were 27 up in the summit!

73 de Ignacio and looking forward for the 5th event next year.