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SOTA EC2AG holiday ....

Hello I take advantage of my vacation and activate within 15 days … 10 at

14 MHz and VHF

references jack …

17/Jul/2012 EA2/BI-012 (Ganekogorta) EC2AG/P
18/Jul/2012 EA1/CT-081 (Las Nieves,pico de) EC2AG/1
20/Jul/2012 EA1/CT-091 (Candina) EC2AG/1
22/Jul/2012 EA1/BU-016 (Picon Blanco) EC2AG/1
23/Jul/2012 EA2/BI-032 (Espaldaseca) EC2AG/P
24/Jul/2012 EA2/BI-022 (Alen) EC2AG/P
25/Jul/2012 EA1/CT-085 (Cerredo) EC2AG/1
26/Jul/2012 EA2/BI-023 (Urko) EC2AG/P
30/Jul/2012 EA1/CT-116 (Betayo) EC2AG/1
31/Jul/2012 EA2/BI-047 (Garaio) EC2AG/P
Greetings EC2AG …