Sota ea3/ta-003


Tomorrow 2on October will be active from EA3/TA-003 for the first time, this will be the first Sota activation from new association EA3.

The call will be EB3EPR/P and will try to be active 40-20-6-2m maybe more bands depending of conditions SSB-CW.

Also active on APRS EB3EPR-7

Hope to work as many SOTA hunters as posible.

73, Esteve EB3EPR

In reply to EB3EPR:

Dear Esteve,

Welcome to SOTA.
I wish you good success on your first activation and hope to work you for S2S / B2B (Bear to Bear QSO).

All the best to other participants in EA associations.

                                         73, Vlado Z35M

In reply to EB3EPR:

Hola Esteve,

muchas gracias por el QSO agradable.
Felicidades y buena suerte para la nueva asociación!

Cordialez 73 y hasta lluego

In reply to EB3EPR:

Hello Esteve

Welcome to SOTA and thank you for the first CW QSO with your new Association.

Congratulations and I hope to work you many more times in the future.


In reply to G4SSH:


Thanks all for your QSOs with us, we had a great time on the activation.

Roy you was our first cw 20m qso and I still was looking for headphones and paper when you replay to my cq I was testing yet hihihihihi, thats why I did not catch you at first time.

The logs were upload on SOTA web page and you can watch a small video on:

QSL its also almost designed too.

Se you soon from other summit.

72, Esteve EB3EPR

In reply to EB3EPR:
Wow! 180 QSOs. I am a very long way to this… Congrats Esteve es Grrrrr.