SOTA DXcluster spots

Hi there.

Would it be possible to include “SOTA” in the comments for all SOTA spots sent from please?

The reason is that we can use that string to highlight SOTA spots and alert us in real time to activations using our normal DXcluster monitoring and logging software (Logger32 in my case).

Failing that, does anyone know another way to achieve this? I’m aware of, and use, the list of SOTA spots on SOTAwatch3 on a PC browser screen, and my Android phone sometimes buzzes at me when new SOTA spots appear there (assuming it hasn’t gone to sleep, again). I’m specifically interested in merging SOTA spots with ordinary DXcluster and RBN spots, but with alerting when new SOTA spots arrive.

Hope that makes sense!

Gary ZL2iFB

The display I use (part of the DXlabs suite) shows the source, whether SOTA or anything else. It needed entering on the setup screen but it is one of the columns displayed


I hope I understand your objective correctly.

Have you tried HamAlert? HamAlert by @HB9DQM There is also an app for your phone. You can set up filters for almost everything. I use HamAlert to alert for both DX and SOTA that are readable only by RBN nodes in my region.

Hope this helps, the app is great and I believe it will do what you are asking without modification to SOTA specifically.

73 - Dave, KM3A

But that’s not a cluster feed direct into Logger32 though.

Gary, have a word with Phil G4OBK as he uses Logger32 and the SOTA cluster.

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Thanks. I don’t think I can do that in Logger32 but I’ll do some digging.

I am fed spots via an aggregator i.e. CCuser by VE7CC. At the moment CCuser is connected to two clusters - not including the SOTA cluster as it happens: for some reason my connection attempts are failing today, although I had it working fine yesterday.

Thanks Dave.

I haven’t tried HamAlert but I will check it out.

I’d prefer to find a way to identify all SOTA spots with “SOTA” in the comments, since I have comment keyword alerting in Logger32 working just fine for other keywords (such as “Bear” and “Shetland” for those islands). I get alerts for SOTA spots on the regular DXcluster network if people mention “SOTA” in the comments.

Gary ZL2iFB

Can you not use a regex to match the well defined summit reference?

Hi Andy, Gary et al

What I do is take the spots from Andy FMF via telnet (SOTA7300 Port 7300). I also run VE7CC in its own app (V3.0241) all the time with DXCC filtering on all bands 160m through to 6m for the DXCC Countries I need for the DXCC Challenge. If I port the filtered spots from the VE7CC program via telnetting to it as a Local Host in Logger32 then the spots from VE7CC in red come into the same line in the Logger32 DX spots window with the SOTA Spots in black from the FMF SOTA Cluster. Not sure if that is any help for you Gary…

The trouble with SOTA Chasing is you can get addicted to it during daylight hours and time spent there means you miss the odd DXCC new one, although the VE7CC filtered connection does help considerably!

Picture showing mixed spots after doing a SH/DX/10 (unfiltered) on VE7CC with a SH/DX/10 on SOTA Cluster.

73 Phil

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I second that. The HamAlert phone app is brilliant.