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SOTA dogs on summits part 2

All EU sota day. Juri on OE/ST-127, he found the edelweiss…
73 Martin


I finally managed to get the old girl up onto a summit in ZL, her first!

Other than the snow flurries she was very happy!

She is a movie star now too…


Hi Chris, great activation video with your dog. :partying_face: :beers:

cheers, Geoff vk3sq



Where’s Kipper?

Hi Paul,
I just saw your message. Sadly Kipper passed two years ago. He had cancer but we treated him with with some alterative therapies which kept him going comfortably for about a year longer then my vet gave him. We even took him on a backpacking trip a month before he died. I still have his picture as the opening screen of my phone. He was a devoted friend. Thanks for remembering him.



Hi Jordan

Sorry to read that. On our only joint activation, he was energetic and fun to have around. He loved the snow.


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