SOTA Dinner at FN Saturday 15th. July from 19:00

Just a reminder, I’m still looking for some more confirmations for the SOTA Dinner next month. Hopefully more of you will now know your travel plans.

Here’s the program for Saturday afternoon / evening that you may want to take part in some or all events:

SOTA Meet-up at the QSL wall from 12 noon

SOTA Seminars will take place from 14:00 - 15:45 in the Austria room in the western wing of the Conference Centre.

A SOTA Activation of DM/BW-348 GehrenBerg is planned from 16:30 to 18:30 and the annual SOTA Dinner this year is at “Wirthaus am Gehrenberg” in Markdorf from 19:00 onwards.

Don’t forget that Richard G3CWI co-founder of the SOTA award scheme and CEO of SOTABEAMS, has supplied a SOTABEAMS WSPRLite unit which will be awarded at the dinner to the person with the most original piece of SOTA clothing, as judged by the dinner attendees. Of course you have to be at the dinner to have a chance of winning this!:yum:

73 Ed DD5LP.

Hello Ed,

the following four OMs would also like to join the SOTA Dinner:

I hope there is still enough space! :wink:


Manuel HB9DQM

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Hi Manuel,
Kein Probleme!
das ist jetzt 15 im total - diese ist ein Landgasthaus, so eben wenn mehr als der 15 reserviert platzen sind gebraucht - sie werden das schaffen, ich bin sicher.

Nicht vergessen - die beste (meist original) SOTA Kleidungs-stuck an der Abend gewinnt ein WSPRLite von Richard (SOTABeams).

No worries!
That now makes a total of 15 confirmed attendees - this is a country restaurant, so even if we go over the 15 booked seats, I’m sure they’ll fit us in.

Don’t forget the prize for the most original piece of SOTA clothing on the night is a WSPRLite unit from Richard of SOTABeams!

73 Ed.

P.S. John @VK6NU and Mike @DJ5AV can you please let me know if you will be able to make the dinner.
P.P.S. Restaurant details:
Wirtshaus Gehrengerg
Gehrenberg 1, 88677 Markdorf, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland +49 4975 4472289
Table is booked from 19:00 in my name (Ed Durrant) and SOTA.

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Perfect, thanks Ed!

Hi Ed

I did send you an email last week. If transport is available to the do the Summit Activation and available after the meal back to Friedrichshafen then I’m fine for both. So I’m at the generosity of you local guys. If I have to get a lift back after the activation then that is fine too.


John VK6NU

Hi Ed,

we will attend with 3 persons. If somebody needs a lift from the HAMRADIO to Gehrenberg, just let me know.

73 de Robert, DL5RT

Hi John,
Not sure what happened to the email, but in any case, I’m already playing taxi driver for another Aussie - Gerard VK2IO, so a lift from the event to the activation followed by the dinner is no problem. As I have said to Gerard - if no one else offers, I can take him (and you) back into Friedrichshafen after the meal. I’ll be leaving the Messe immediately at the end of the SOTA lectures. I still have two seats left in the car if anyone else needs a lift. I will need to get away straight away so that we can get the activation site at Gehrenberg DM/BW-348 set up asap.

73 Ed.

Hi Robert,
I have you on the list, I will now add +3 (did I understand correctly - a total of 4 including yourself?) - thanks for your offer to any others interested in a lift. Will you be coming just to the dinner or the activation as well?

73 Ed.

Hi Ed,
I reconfirm for two people for the dinner, my YL won’t be there, but Martino IU2IJW will be with me.
See you soon!

73 Roberto IW2OBX

Thanks Roberto, all understood, if all attend we’ll be twenty people!

73 Ed.

Hi Ed
Tks for the organisation. GPS of Wirtshaus am Gehreberg is N47° 43.689’ E9° 23.705’
I will come with my wife Franziska!
73 de HB9BIN, Jürg (George)


Hi Ed,

correct, myself +3

73 Robert

I’d like to say THANKYOU for the great turn out to the SOTA Dinner at Friedrichshafen last night. 21 people confirmed they would attend and indeed 21 people arrived. There was a possibility of another three, not registered SOTA people however it seems they decided differently perhaps. In any case had they shown up the restaurant would indeed have had issues with finding seating near to the rest of the group!

Here are jsut a few photos from the evening, that I think I can say was enjoyed by all.

I’m still sorting photos and videos from the last three days so I may add more later.

73 Ed.

Congratulations to Luc ON7DQ as winner of the SOTA clothing competition, earning him a WSPRLite unit kindly donated by Richard G3CWI from SOTABeams.


Looks like a good turnout Ed. I am assuming that Luc’s hat is some sort of crossed-field antenna?

Is Ed saying “You are Maurice Hately and I claim my money back because your antenna is nonsense?”

Actually a mini- Flagpole stealth APRS antenna - it got cut off in the other picture - but can be seen better here:


Oh gawd… caught with a massive beer in my hand… again

Seriously, a great night I was honoured to attend with Sue. Great group of people and it was a pleasure to put some faces to call signs/names.

Thanks for organising and for the lift back to the campsite Ed.

Hi at All,
I’m truly sorry that I wasn’t there for dinner but I was too late for the meeting and even very tired after the road trip.
I hope to meet all of you in person next year

73 Roberto IW2OBX

Thoroughly enjoyed the evening - thanks to DD5LP for the organisation and all the other attendees for their presence! Good choice of restaurant and excellent meals did the rest! :champagne::wine_glass: Look forward to meeting you all again on the air!

Sylvia OE5YYN & Peter OE5AUL

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Great to catch up with everyone, enjoyed the activation and really enjoyed the meal afterwards. Thanks to Ed DD5LP for getting us to the summit and to Robert DL5RT for the lift back to the hotel after the meal.

Loved the country smells of freshly cut silage, reminded me of farming in Ireland.

Hoping to get out and do an EI activation permitting this afternoon. around 13-15 UTC from EI/IE-054.

73 John EI/VK6NU

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