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SOTA Diff - Find Uniques that you could activate

When looking for new SOTA Uniques, it is sometimes helpful to check the activated summits of known fellow activators. Especially if you know their level of fitness and usual choice of summits, it can result in new ideas for your own next tours. And: should you wonder about how to get there, parking opportunities, route or antenna mounting options, you already know who to ask!

I wrote a small web application that does exactly this. Just enter your own call sign and the one of your colleague, and it will display a list of summits he or she activated but you haven’t yet. Of course, this works best if your colleague lives in the same area.

The app is available on the website of the HB9 SOTA Association:


Hope this is helpful for you, too.

best 73, Peter HB9TVK


Its always awesome when the SOTA community creates useful apps such as this. I can’t wait to try this out!

Another cool app I envision, that I am not sure has been created (I am not a programmer) is one where Activations and Chases could be compared to show you which activations you could attempt in order to get a “complete” (determining the reverse could be helpful as well).

THANKS for sharing your app!

73’s Chris WX7EMT

Wow! I am stunned! It was much easier to use (did not have to down load, like I envisioned). Works really well!!!

Excellent! This is helpful from multiple perspectives. One of those is whether a peak is even accessible!



Hi Peter,
Interesting tool. I presume the links in black as opposed to blue, simply means I have looked them up through this browser as they are not summits that I have activated - I compared myself with Martin DF3MC and of course got a long list as he’s a climber and I am not, but he does live in my rough area, so even in this situation, the lst gives me some suggestions.

Thanks & 73 Ed DD5LP.

Hi Ed,

there are two types of entries:

  • Blue or purple: currently active summits. The link leads to the summit description on the sota.org.uk website. Purple just means, that you visited the description page recently (this is standard browser behaviour)
  • Black without link: this summit has been deleted from the list of valid summits and cannot be activated anymore (probably it did not fulfill the P150 rule or similar).

vy73, Peter

Hi Chris,

thanks for your feedback. Interesting idea about finding possible activations for ‘completeness’. Shouldn’t be too hard, I’ll have a look at it!

vy73, Peter

Very nice! tnx!

This is downright great! I just compared compared Peter OE5AUL’s and my activations and realised that I had made an error in logging. Another positive byproduct of your fabulous app!

Thanks a lot!
73, Sylvia