SOTA decals

Curious if anyone knows a US source for SOTA decals so as to avoid paying 3.50 for 1.50 worth of decals.

As a side note, I put one on my vehicle and found they are not weatherproof (ironic)! Can we request an all-vinyl one?


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Hi Chris

I think some SOTA Association Managers keep a stock of these things. By getting them in bulk they reduce the postage costs. Barry GM4TOE is the person to contact about the specifics.

73 Richard G3CWI

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If it is the window sticker you have stuck on the outside of your vehicle then they are designed to be inside the window, the blank face is not adhesive! The bumper stickers are intended for out side mounting.

There is a limited stock of window stickers held in the USA (and possibly bumper stickers, I need to check). The last update of the shopping site (when I had to update the extortionate rates charged by Royal Mail for posting overseas) removed the local posting option (USA and Canada) for low weight items - my error.

Email me direct and I will make arrangements for you, meanwhile I will try to sort the site out


Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

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Thanks for the reply Barry. No, it’s a small square sticker (not the window cling) that was sent to me when I purchased the flag - maybe it wasn’t direct from the SOTA shop, can’t recall. Don’t have space for the full sized bumper sticker and windows have dark tint so I don’t think the inside decal will be visible, but I will try it. Might be a good future product to have the same size window decal as an external as well.

Thanks & 72,

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