SOTA days!.... hi hi

what a beautiful day for SOTA! congatulation with all the activators!
a true fireworks of activations!!!
it’s a pity that the propagation is not with return!
best regards and 73’s
f5nep Lionel

In reply to F5NEP:
Yepp, what a day :wink: Not the best propagation today , but my 42m-longwire makes it possible to make a few contacts.Many stations reached me on all three summits of my little sota-tour over DM/BW-52 / 189 and -56.Also i had six s2s-qso´s :wink: fb fb …today i break the 400 points mark as a chaser with F8BBL/p , OE8GBK/8 , OE1HFC/6 , G4CPA/p , DL4FDM/p and DH3IAJ/p on a neighbour - summit BW46. Fritz was on BW-103 . Also an BW-summit.Oh yeah…DM-BW become active :wink: Thanks all chasers and activators for nice qso´s ! tmrw i will be qrv in the black-forest from 1 or 2 summits.after tmrw i will make my first break in sota for one or two weeks after 63 summits and 2260 qso´s in 2007.

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

In reply to DF2GN:
feliciation for this beautiful performance Klaus !!
and for the pleasure that you brings to us! in SOTA
the “break” will be well deserved!
vy 73’s
hpe cuagn
f5nep Lionel

In reply to DF2GN:

Many thanks for today’s SOTA’s Klaus. Whilst in Cornwall I only have an indoor vertical antenna about 6 feet high, but your special long antennas ensured that your five watts QRP output gave signals so strong that I had no problem with all three of your summits today.

I will try to copy the last two tomorrow. Enjoy your well earned break, we look forward to your return.

73 Roy G4SSH/P