SOTA database and HRD

For any of you who use Ham Radio Deluxe, is there any way to either export from HRD to the SOTA database or export from the database to HRD? The main thing I am trying to avoid is having to enter the data twice (once into HRD and once into the SOTA). Also, my HRD version is one of the older, free versions not the new paid version. Any suggestions are most welcome. Thanks much!

Christian KF4LXB


This sort of thing has been asked and covered already in the Reflector on at least 2 previous occasions.

There are programs that can convert between SOTA CSV and ADIF (either way).

I suggest you look for the previous discussions on such things.

(My SOTA CSV editor is one possibility).

Stewart G0LGS

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Easiest way I found so far is exporting your contacts in HRD to ADIF and convert/upload to SOTA DB via DC7CCC/Mario’s tool:


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Thanks for the help. I guess I should have searched before I asked but thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I’ll check it out.