SOTA Cycling Weekend 2015

This year’s SOTA Cycling Weekend will take place on the 4 - 5 July. The concept is simple; just combine pedal cycling with your activation somehow. This could mean cycling to a SOTA Summit or even operating from a summit while balancing on a unicycle. The choice is yours. It’s a fun way to combine two great hobbies.

73 Richard G3CWI


Michael @G0POT will actually do a summit from a unicycle…


See…I’m not the only idiot doing this sort of thing!

Michael (G0POT)

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Well, its only a month away. I am going to try and do what I didn’t last year (very well!) - descend Snowdon. Has anybody had any ideas about activating with a Bike ?


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Hello everybody,

I shall be on Sotabike too that day… from probably one of my favorites F/AM-xxx.
Gerald F6HBI


To get into the spirit of the weekend I have decided to set up my exercise bike in my shack so I can chase whilst on cycling !!! :smile:

73 Glyn


Weather permitting I will be out on a summit on the Mountain Bike somewhere. I will do 20M and 2M.

73 Chris M0RSF

Next weekend (4-5 July) is the SOTA Cycling Weekend. The idea is simple: to use pedal-power in some way as part of a SOTA activation. You can cycle all the way there or part-way, it’s up to you.

There are no prizes beyond the huge kudos of the SOTA community for your efforts.

Post any plans and activation reports (ideally with photos) in this thread.

If you are a Strava user, consider joining this amateur radio group:

don’t suppose am allowed to have a 1200 yam engine in mine LOL


I already have other plans for that weekend but “pedal power” seems to be quite restrictive to me: what’s wrong about the kick power?


I’m thinking of doing Billinge Hill and Winter Hill from Macclesfield. If anyone wants to join me on all or part of the trip, PM me. I can divert to railway stations to meet up.

So far we have:

Colin M1BUU
Paulo CT2IWW
Jacques CT2IXX

…say they hope to participate. Anyone else?

Am liking this idea excise while you chase Sotas
See if I can borrow me daughters


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I maybe doing something Richard, depends on time. At the moment I don’t seem to have the energy, upon which you need lots for this !

Should have pretty good weather though.


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I plan to activate G/NP-029 Sharp Haw on the bike tomorrow morning with a non licenced biking friend. 2M FM and possibly 10M. I will get some photos and possibly a video.

Looking forward to it.

73 Chris M0RSF

Today I activated Walbury Hill G/SE-001 using my bicycle.
My wife dropped me off about 1 mile south of Hurstbourne Tarrant from where I cycled the 6 miles or so up (200m) to Walbury Hill.
I had an enjoyable activation using 40m ,20m and 6m including a number of s2s contacts.
I then cycled the 19 miles or so back home taking an indirect route to avoid hills through the villages of Stoke ,St Mary Bourne, Hurstbourne Priors, Longparish, Wherwell and finally Chilbolton.

Here is a photo of my bike with pole attached and rucksack taken on my return home

73 David G3RDQ


Superb job David, well done. I never knew you had ridden up Walbury on your bike when I worked you this afternoon on 20m CW.

I ought to get another lightweight bike, but that would take me to owning three bikes. I haven’t ridden a lightweight bike since I left Preston Wheelers and moved out of Lancashire in 1990. Something of similar vintage to yours would suffice, then I would not be forced into wearing lycra I figure…

Did you wear lycra today I ask?

I contacted at least four SOTA cyclists today:

G3RDQ/P on G/SE-001 Walbury Hill
G3CWI/P on G/SP-010 Winter Hill
G4ISJ/P on G/CE-003 Bredon Hill
GW2HFR/P on GW/NW-044 Moel Famau

There may be others amongst the 13 SOTA stations I worked today:

73 de Phil I/G4OBK/P

Busy day here, so could only squeeze a quicky in this afternoon.
Decided on Bredon Hill, G/CE-003, as I hadn’t done it yet this year so was worth a point :smile:

Nice circular ride up and back from home for 40 miles for the day.
Only took the 20/60 MTR and a 20m EFHW, so was restricted to 20 meters.
Two S2Ss with OM3CUG/p on OM/ZA-029 and F6HBI/p on F/AM-646.
Nice to catch Phil, I/G4OBK/p on his vacation :smile:


Fantastic Pete, I will edit my list of SOTA Cyclists! I see you are slightly leaner than me and have all the gear - FB!

I was most impressed with your signal strength from the MTR and the end fed antenna which easily overcame my S6 noise level.

73 Phil