SOTA channel at Aloqa

I created a SOTA channel at Aloqa.

Aloqa is a mobile service that proactively notifies you of interesting places near you, now also SOTA references. Aloqa works on the iPhone, phones with Android and Windows Mobile operating system, Blackberries, and some more phones from Nokia and Sony Ericsson. A phone with GPS is good but not needed, nearly accurate position can also obtained from the phone network. Aloqa works in the UK, US, Germany, Canada and Austria for now. They plan to expand to other geographies soon.

The SOTA channel at Aloqa works good for me on my phone, it shows the summits next to my current position and the route to the summits in Google Maps. Before a public start I ask here now for some testers. Please e-mail mail@ callsign .de I will send you an url. For testing the preview SOTA channel you need to register at as a user (not as a developer).

73, Joerg DL1DLF

I’m sorry that the SOTA channel at Aloqa is still awaiting public approval. I sent more the one mail but not get an answer from Aloqa. I think they don’t want to make the channel public, because it is inappropriate to their concept (bars, food, shopping, aso).

The channel shows you the summits next to you, and the route in Google Maps.

The Aloqa application is available for many phones (see previous entry). If you want to use the working but not public SOTA channel at the moment, you need to register at as a user, and send an mail to me (mail at dl1dlf .de) for getting the not public link (unique for every user).

73, Joerg DL1DLF