SOTA Beam to the USA

With all the new activity in the USA, it would nice if we could get the SOTA Beam. They won’t ship to the US. I have several QRP antennas that I use, but I would like to try the SOTA Beam. Maybe we might see one on EBAY…

73 N3LJS

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Dear Sir/Madam

Its a shame they cant be shipped, however if you can get some inch diamtere PVC tubing, a drill, croc clips, coax and aluminium rod there is nothing to stop you having a go!

SOTA Beams probably does not ship them as it is not economically Viable to do so! I am sure that they could franchise it over in the states! I have tried one and they do work very effectively, I am sure a kind worded email to the company might persuade them!

Bill G4WSB one of the leading activators in the UK has a cracking design, as does Geoff 2E0BTR! Geoff made his from Telescopic elements that slide away in about 30 seconds! Its a fantastic bit of work, all from U shaped aluminium and a bit of Paxolin!

73 whoever you may be sir/madam, happy activating!

Matt G8XYJ

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You know, its looks a lot like an Arrow II.

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Yeah, it really looks like. 3 elements 2meters, 6 or 7 UHF, I mean, really close.

You will be happy Mike, I am looking for a FT817 :wink:

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I wonder if I have the only SOTA beam in North America :slight_smile: I have the 2m only version. I convinced my mother to bring it over in her suitcase on one of her trips to visit me (No, I can’t convince her to be a SOTA Beam Mule). I don’t use it very often but has worked very well. Much lighter than the arrow antenna.

Andrew - K1YMI

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Hi Mike,

If you like to homebrew this might be of interest.

Roger MW0IDX

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Elk antennas sells great 2m and 440mhz log periodic. I am thinking of getting one for myself. 124 bucks.

73 de JP VA2SG

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there are plenty of yagi designs , but just in case of interest I built models for 2m and another for 70cm from WA5VJB, see data here:

There are models with 3, 4 , 6 elements… so you can choose.
My models are made of PVC pipe plus Alu rods: lightweight, no tuning required (direct 50ohm coax fed), really fast for assemble and disassemble, no tools required.

Happy with its performance, used for local VHF contests or mountaineering.

Ignacio EA2BD

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I’ve sent some parts over to the states before for n7un.
Contact me via my email on, we can sort something out I’m sure


There is also this one, the ‘KD5IVP Backpacker Yagi’. You can’t beat it for weight. It is extremely easy to manufacture and use. I also use it for T-hunts.

I use a long Carbon tube rather than the aluminum shaft, as described in the text, as i can get the elements completely inside the tube. I got the Carbon tube from Dragonplate here,

I highly recommend this beam for SOTA ops. One thing I learned the hard way was that the carbon tube does not take bending very well. Care is required when ducking under trees etc. I trimmmed the carbon tube to the same length as my Jackite Pole and I tie the two together to stop the tube catching on overhanging branches.

73, N6ZA.