Sota Beacon & Activation on I/AB-013 Monte Ocre !

Hello Om,
yesterday with Luca Iz0fyl we finally made one on our crazy project, a full Sota QRP Hf beacon put in the top of a Sota Summit. First we walk 2 hour to reach I/AB-013 Monte Ocre a nice montain in Abruzzo in the Campo Felice area. First i made 10 qso on 10 & 20 Meter band with S2s with Ik2ley & hb9evf using a Kx1 & random wire.

Then we setup a “non permanent” HF QRP Beacon, made by Luca IZ0FYL trasmitting on 10.14003 mhz with Cw messagge and a “V” letter in QRSS. The power is 300 mw. , the antenna a vertical and a solar power is used for the power system. The beacon it’s working. now it’s just wake up after his first night a 2204 meter, we will leave there for 20/30 days… when snow will arrive on Monte Ocre. The qrss signal it’s now easy to receive, look here in qrss: Will start trasmission at 10z and stop at 20z sending also the temperature in C. using cw.

Please report, using CW or Qrss (fskview it’s the best software)