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SOTA Band Usage in VK for 2016

A snapshot of VK band usage during 2016. Extracts are from the SOTA database using the relevant filters.

73, Andrew VK1AD

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I’ve been banging out numbers for Tom and Mark for the end of year news. I don’t know which sets they’ll be using but this small table interested me as I have not really considered using 21MHz this year as the sun goes to sleep. However, if you are nearer to the equator than I am at 56N you may want to consider 21MHz still.

Top 5 chasers worldwide in 2016 using 21MHz

Rank	Call    logged chases
1	ZL1BYZ	156
2	VK4RF	135
3	JS1IFK	121
4	W7RV	91
5	NS7P	86
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I have been having a good run with 40/30M for VK land, still getting some dx on 20M although rather difficult with qsb at times.

Not much luck with 30M for dx as of late despite much trying, seems things have changed. Which is a pity as at times in the past 30 was good for EU.

No success with 21MHz for dx except a contact with VK6, 3,000km hop at the New Year bash.

73’s, Nick

Andrew, interesting stats reflecting the changing propagation.
My findings are that 15m cw is best for JA from VK
10m to 20m can be useful for contacts when 40m NVIS is not around.
Likewise 80m mas been good but nearly all on cw.
20m remains best band for EU from VK
Sweetest contact WW7D in Seattle NA from Mt. Speculation on 40m CW
Wonder how much Mt. Hotham has distorted the 2m data?
KXPD3 cw paddle did not want to play yesterday. Fixed now with hard wiring of the paddles rather than the OEM design.

[quote=“MM0FMF, post:2, topic:14406”]However, if you are nearer to the equator[/quote]…and if you’re on the Equator, even 20 metres is a bit dead during the day. At the moment (09:00 local) 20 metres is dead, 17 metres looks most promising for DX, and 15 metres will probably be worth checking in a while. All assuming the Sun doesn’t throw a wobbly, of course…

73, Rick 5Z4/M0LEP

The Snowy Trip in October may have skewed the 1296 results, with some pre-planning to bring 1296 gear on the trip.

Looks like a challenge for 2017 is the 160m activation…

Warren vk3byd

Looks like a challenge for 2017 is the 160m activation…

I’m up for it.

160m, hmmmm, time to do some research on an effective antenna for portable use - and something a little more effective for the home QTH.

Given the large distances and low amateur population here in VK (and relatively inefficient portable antenna setuups), I think there will be higher power requirements and / or focussing on early morning / evening activations.


A search of my log shows only 1 QSO on 160m out of 8000 odd QSOs on the log. On this basis I declare I know nothing of the characteristics of 160m.