SOTA Band Aid to the rescue!

We’ve all been here or will end up like this at some point - with over 190 activations you’d think I wouldn’t forget something heading out the door but I had that funny feeling along the way… then while setting up today on W7A/NM-134 I realized I forgot my coax - what? I sacrificed a 2 meter J-Pole antenna for a piece of wire and connected the BNC’s on my KX3 and 9:1 UnUn (End Fed Random Wire) and used a band aid as tape to secure the wire between the shield sides of the BNC’s (thanks Johnny K7ZZQ for the suggestion!) Almost a bust turned into a great activation - thanks chasers and S2S’ers! 73 Rick WB0USI


Adapt and overcome! You made it up to WY with a 539 on 30M! Thanks for the S2S.


Chris, N7NAV

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Thanks for the S2S! Sounded like a good fix on my end!

Beautiful McGyvering, Rick!
I’d like to add your experience to my files.
Seems like antennas and feedlines rank high in the McGyvering need - see the first article in the latest PNW SOTA newsletter…73, Etienne-K7ATN

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Good job! Nice signal to South Mountain AZ.
Appreciate the S2S.

Of course you can add this to your files - great read by the way thanks for sharing Etienne! 73, Rick WB0USI