SOTA Awards

The SOTA-HA team issues two awards for SOTA activators and chasers.
The rules can be found on our site at

Happy hunting!


Szia Zoli,
I will give the rules into the next HB9-Radio-Magazin.
I just got 1 question about the Gyalogradio-Award.
For the classes 1-3 is it necessary to QSO with HA/HG-only or any DXCC?
Hpe cuagn es vy73 from Fritz HB9CSA (Award-Editor of USKA)

In reply to DL4FDM:

Hallo Fritz,

The original intention was to consider HA summits only, both
for chasing and for activation. The present rules allow, however,
for class 1 chasing of any SOTA summit. But I bet that there are
OMs who have their 13 HA-chases already HI.
The activator classes are HA-only: yet another reason for a sotexpedition…