SOTA Association for Summits in the Seychelles Islands (and possibly other islands in CQ Zone 39)

I will be going on a 6m EME DXpedition in September to La Digue Island in the Seychelles. I plan to hike up to the highest point on La Digue (333m) and at least take photos. If it were a recognized SOTA peak by October, I would consider taking along my SOTA gear for an HF activation. Same for Mahe Island. Anybody have any info on how the summits on those islands might become official SOTA summits? MNI TNX and GL! VY 73, Lance W7GJ

Lance, You have to contact SOTA management team to create a new SOTA association. I think it is possible to make one in the Seychelles Islands.

General rule is we need a local Association Manager, a complete or almost complete list of summits that meet P150 and reasonable mapping to check. Once we have that, and given the Seychelles isn’t going to be a huge undertaking if the highest point is 333m, it could move fairly quickly.

Hi Lance.

We would be interested to look at listing S7. In fact I already did some analysis work a couple of years ago. But like Andrew says we do need to find a local AM to help, especially for answering such tricky questions as “is portable operation by visitors allowed?”.

I noticed that there was a similar situation with Bouvet Island (3Y) SOTA association. There is only one summit belong to it. The regional manager is LA1ENA, and he is not local. Maybe he can explain how he was able to create that association.

Bouvet Isl. is Norwegian.
LA1ENA is Norwegian.