Sota app upgrade

Morning one and all

Trying to get me phone to bleep me and voice audio when SSB comes on quested bands I want to spot it on… Since upgrade its become more complicated for me little noggin. HEEELLLP

karl 2E0FEH

Karl, as nobody here knows which phone, which OS and which app you have, they can’t help. A little more info would be useful.

of course errrh got ta work that one out me self

Sota spotter on me phone, smart one, unlike me Motorola type ???

android 7.1.1

any help

Hi Karl (and others),
here you go:

  1. start App
  2. click on the three dots top rh side of screen
  3. tap settings.
  4. scroll page up until you see the “notifications” heading.
  5. tap it.
  6. it probably says “No notifications” - as you haven’t set any yet.
  7. press the plus sign at the top on the screen(towards the right hand side).
  8. now you have to tell the app when you want to be notified - e.g. slide the “filter by band” switch across so that it goes black and then tap on 40m and 20m (when selected they get a black line under them). Lets do the same with mode … slide the “filter by mode” switch across so that it goes black and tap on SSB. So with this example only SSB spots on 20 or 40m will be notified to you.
  9. scroll the page right up and at the bottom you have 4 options to catch your attention - you can select 1, 2, 3 or all 4 of these by sliding their switches across. the options are vibrate, pulse LED, Ring and read aloud (which is experimental).
  10. press on the “save” bar at the very bottom.
  11. go back by pressing the standard android phone “<” key twice and you will now get notified when a new spot for 20m or 40m SSB comes in.

You can add multiple notification rules to get what you want alerting.

If you want every spot to be notified to you, only slide across the method of notification option or options that you want to use and leave the “filter by …” options turned off.

Notification settings and filter settings (as used to decide what is displayed on the screen) are very very similar but they are independant of each other.

73 Ed.

P.S. Once you have set the notification, it sits as a separate module in the phone and after exiting SOTA Spotter and even restarting the phone - it is still active! I found this out while out in a shopping centre this morning when suddenly a womans voice started reeling off the latest spots from my phone on my belt - I set the notification yesterday and my phone is turned off at night! So you will have to delete and re-create the notification every time you want to use it (or go to the lowest level and unclick the alerting method to mute it).


Thanks folks. thinks its working now LOL as at 7am it went off with voice version announcing the VK sotas whilst in bed. Must turn that off at night