SOTA Antenna for Really Windy Summits

Pretty interesting stuff. Especially since you were able to change frequencies…even though you were Rock Bound! 73’s Dean ~ K2JB


AC1Z-Thanks George for sharing your SOTA adventure. You sure are dedicated! Rock wind shelters are quite common in NH this picture was on Mt. Moosilaukee, NH W1/HA-003 December 27, 2018. It offered some wind protection but most of it was filled with snow.


For Tthe peaks I do in the Rocky Mountains, I have not noticed the height of my antenna to significantly change antenna performance. Like Carey, I have deployed wires almost on the ground. There will be peaks that aren’t so forgiving, however. - Fred kt5x (aka WS0TA)

Photo: on Clara peak at about 9,000 ft elevation

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Good stuff, folks!
Yes, on those large piles of sharp, heavy insulators, height above effective local earth might be quite surprising!
Best, Ken

I’ve run a buddipole vertical on their short shockcord mast in winds in the 30-40mph (48-64KM/H) with zero issue It was well guyed down but the antenna experiences very low wind loading.

I have found that my trusty Avi-probe works great on rock summits along with a dipole made from Field phone wire for 20 meters. Always keep it handy at the trail head where I decide if I’m using it or not.


Hey George,
Your windy activation story reminds me of a few i struggled through out in the Mojave when I was W6AH a few years back.Nice job with the ground mounted antenna. It is amazing how well we can get out with sub-optimal conditions. Will look for you on the bands again!

Yes, wind is a very serious deterent when atop a Sota qth. Fortunately my 20m 1/4w vertical has served me well, but I never thought of a wire on the “ground” . Thanks for the tip. Hope I don’t need to use it hihi.
73 Mark n6iv

My most windy summit (W7M/CL-023) was nothing like what you guys are describing, but it was enough that I had to take of my glasses & could only stand in a crouch. My XYL (AE7AQ ) had to crawl. At least it was sunny & warm!

Awesome report, George! Thanks for sharing it! I once had my antenna pole shaken by the wind until it came completely down on the ground, and I could still hear people calling and made a contact that way before getting it back in the air. Those radio waves are truly amazing!

Mike AC0PR