SOTA and WWFF, a bonus if combined?

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But what happened to Number one?

I seem to recall that it failed the prominence test.

73 Richard G3CWI

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No, no,… that is our secret mountain.
Sorry, we cannot share information about it. A matter of national security.

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…the one with the radar station on the summit perhaps?

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Aren’t there plans to build your own SOTA summit?


Brian G8ADD

Yes, the point concerned does not qualify under SOTA requirements, which is P100 for PA. However, PA/PA-001 has never been a SOTA summit, so it is not even that it once existed and has since been deleted.

The original PA team requested not to use the reference PA/PA-001 in respect of the fact that the highest point in the Netherlands would not be a qualifying summit, but they didn’t want to allocate the 001 to a point that was not the country’s highest point.


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I think we Dutch should consider that, maybe by making an existing one higher? A bit similar to Garth mountain in “The Englishman who went up a hill and came down a mountain”. Great movie they made of that story.

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Off the original topic, but there must be millions of tonnes of spoil heaps in parts of the UK that could be exported. (That is, if an artificial hill would qualify as a SOTA summit).

Regards, Dave, G6DTN

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Well, in another thread, there is a handy mountain for sale. All you need is a Vogon contractor to move it over for you… :o)


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LOL, I would love to have it placed near my house. Have to add an extra 6 Meter though because we’re 6 Meters below sea level. ;-(
Not sure about the neighbors.

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There is an old spoil heap in Belgium that has been accepted as a SOTA summit, but it is well vegetated now. That is the key, really: if it is just a crude mound of spoil it wouldn’t be accepted. If it is ancient, stabilised and decently clothed with vegetation - and has the appropriate prominence - then it would be considered for SOTA.

Last year there was a news report that the Dutch were considering making an artificial mountain on a heroic scale. I did a quick back-of-an-envelope calculation of the amount of material that would be needed at about two tonnes per cubic metre, and concluded that it would never happen. I haven’t heard anything of it since, but you never know, these Dutch are fine engineers! If it is stabilised and planted up, would it be considered for SOTA? Blessed if I know, and I’m on the MT!


Brian G8ADD

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LOL, I would love to have it placed near my house. Have to add an
extra 6 Meter though because we’re 6 Meters below sea level. ;-(
Not sure about the neighbors.

As long as the prominence is OK I think you could forget that extra 6 metres. I do wonder, though, how far it would sink into your alluvial sub-soil! It would be a pity to pay off the Vogons, turn around, and its vanished!


Brian G8ADD

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During the cold war, the Yanks installed numerous mountain-top “Nike Missiles” aimed in all directions, including at each other (what could possibly go wrong?). In the process of putting one on top of a mountain in the San Francisco area, they shortened it by 19 feet and made it Sota ineligible. After many post-war complaints about its ugly appearance, they put back the 19 feet!!

Now, what happens if global warming raises sea level and makes that hill ineligible again? Fire up the D-8 tractor and build an ant hill on steroids to supplement the 19 feet?

Elliott, K6EL
Chaser Clown

If artificial summits count, as I live in London I’m now off to activate The Shard :slight_smile:

Alan M0DDC

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but it is well vegetated now.

Did you miss that bit?



There are alleged to be roof gardens and I can sprinkle some grass seeds on the way up :slight_smile:
Ho-hum, back to sorting out a pile of Dell Poweredges I’ve been bequeathed.

Alan M0DDC