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SOTA Activators: Please read

I didn’t know that, and I’m on the MT! This is against the MT policy which is to list ALL summits that meet the physical criteria. As far as I know this is the only Association where this has been done.

Consider this. There is a summit in VK2 where the private land owner will NOT allow people onto it so based on the reasoning above it should be removed, yes? But they are happy for me to go there, its been activated by me. So what should the MT or more correctly the AM do??

Clearly the way it is now with summits listed on their geographical merit are listed and the access requirments are managed by the activator is the appropriate way.



Mt. Umunhum (W6/CC-052) is closed now. On September 16, it will be open. Keeping up with that sort of detail is really not possible.


In the UK, we have maps produced by OS and others, which are extensively used by walkers to explore the countryside. I’m sure other countries have similar.

The makers of these maps do not exclude areas which are not accessible for whatever reason, it is up to the walkers to ensure that they are allowed access.

The list of SOTA summits is just a distillation of geographical information from these maps (and other sources). The team have put in a lot of time and skill to identify summits with a particular height and prominence, so that we don’t have to!
It seems reasonable to me that we still have to check, like any other explorer, whether access is allowed.

I think it is worth repeating that if any of us find information that would be useful to others, then there is a simple facility for adding notes to the summit pages - I find them really useful.



Not only are summit page resource notes useful, they can save injury. At the least, I’d like to know how to find the trailhead and which way to go at confusing intersections on the climb. I’ve needlessly used trails along knife-edged ridges when there were alternatives. Not everyone knows how to do sophisticated waypoint planning.

In the last few ARM updates we’ve done in NA, we have told activators that we “strongly encourage” them to add resource info on summit pages. There are MGs who have never added anything, and I’m keeping a list. Those in NA who don’t help will get a template from me, and a gentle (at first) nudge… a wee noodgie.

Elliott, K6EL
Sota MT

And later a new wedgie?


I’ve started adding notes about lack of access to those I’m able to confirm. And I’ll try and catch up on others!

What’s an “MG”?

In SOTA context - A mountain Goat.

Of course it can also refer to Morris Garages, makes of good old fashioned British Sports cars in years gone by - now lets see someone get one of those MGs on to a SOTA summit!

73 Ed.

They didn’t only build sports cars, the Morris 1000 and varients were very popular in the 1950s.

As for getting one onto a summit - it’s been done, see:


73, Colin G8TMV

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Not quite Colin. Me thinks it may just have been one of the high passes over the Rockies/Nevada’s, but how about this ONE. And really on top of a SOTA Summit GM/WS-001 :relaxed:

Hi Colin,
The “moggy 1000” (Britain’s “people’s car” before the Mini) was built by the Morris company (later merged with the Austin company and then later part of BMC). MG (Morris Garages) was a different company to Morris - by the name, I presume MG was formed by a group of Morris retailers.


I remember years ago a magazine article about students getting a car to the top of Ben Nevis, but IIRC it was an Austin. More recently the late Don Whillans rode a motor cycle to the top of the Ben as a publicity stunt for the brand. The story is that once he got to the top he kicked it on the petrol tank and headed down to the pub in Fort William, leaving the backup team to retrieve the bike!

Not exactly Ed - owned by Lord Nuffield himself.

Some of my friends lived in the original Morris Garage.

VE7 is vast. There are thousands of summits yet to be listed, so we know there are plenty of holes. The team has a big job ahead. It’s understandable if resources are invested in regions that can actually be activated now, as things stand, but we will want every qualifying summit to get its reference ultimately.

Haha! Yeah, the cars are the first thing I thought of.

OK, how about “MT”?

I don’t know of any cars called MT.



MT is Management Team, the people who, for unknown reasons, run this award scheme.

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Acute masochism?:wink: