SOTA Activation & Wild Camping (Fan Brycheiniog GW/SW-003)

Back in the summer (remember when there was a bright warm thing in the sky?) I activated Fan Brycheiniog (GW/SW-003, 803m, 8 points) in the Brecon Beacons and indulged in a bit of wild camping. I’ve finally gotten around to writing up the activation report and remembering a great activation.

73 & thanks to the chasers! James M0JCQ


James, that’s a popular wild camping spot.
I would just have left the tent until I returned. I’ve seen 3 or 4 together with no one around them.

It’s a lovely place, somehow I missed it last year even though I’d planned a camp out like you.
From memory, the summer was non existent or too short!

Thanks for the posting.

Thanks Pete, when I camped there was one other father and son on the other side of the lake, but I can imagine it being a popular spot. Next time I might even arrive during daylight so I can appreciate it all before going to sleep.

You’re right about the non-existent summer. The first day was actually really nice, warm and clear but the next day (when I activated the summit) the weather turned for the worse and it pretty much rained all day :smile:

It’s on the list for this year, especially as the YL was pretty annoyed she missed out (she was working).

73 James M0JCQ