Sota activation of W0M/ES-003 today

Thanks to all of the people out there that chased us today on W0M/ES-003. We had serious thunderstorms hitting us at the scheduled time we posted for activation and our first thought was to just cancel and be safe. We went back down the road five miles to a convenience store and had some refreshments and to wait out the storm to see what might happen. We had a clear spot come thru so we felt we would go back and give it a try.

The trail up to the summit was not bad so we climbed it and set up and called CQ. 40 meters was a mess with static crashes and 20 wasn’t much better but we did manage to log a fair number of chasers. The static crashes were S9+ and covering up most of the weaker chasers so Martha and I apologize if we missed some of the chasers.

We’re in Branson Missouri to attend the great Ozarkcon QRP event and there are 4 good summits close by with more in nearby Arkansas. We’re going to try one in Arkansas tomorrow morning so hopefully we won’t have the problems we had today.

Thanks to all the great chasers out there helping us have some fun in these old Ozark Mountains. Look for all the other SOTA activators this weekend in this area too. There will be several other activators out there so please work them all. Some are new to SOTA so help them get off to a great start.

Gary A. - W0MNA & Martha A. - W0ERI

In reply to W0MNA:
Always best to be careful! I had weak copy on you in NorCal hoping to hear you better this morning - good job you two!!