SOTA activation in OD5

RAL, the member society of radio amateurs of Lebanon, will celebrate this year its 65 anniversary ( Happy birthday! Therefore Eva, HB9FPM, and myself Andy, HB9JOE, as associated members of RAL, will activate under OD5RAL/P the following summits (first activations):

4 or 5 February 2017 (depends on the other programme of our friends OD5TE, OD5RI and OD5KU)

  • OD/BE-004 Baabdat
  • OD/BE-005 Jabal Chaoui

KX3 with 40 W linear, endfed and dipole antennas

We do hope to make as many chasers or activators (S2S) happy as possible.
Cuagn. 73 Andy, HB9JOE


And one big pile up.
Fingers crossed propagation might be kind also.


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Hello Andy and Eva 8-)))))

Well so pleased to work you on 20M and 15M SSB from OD/BE-003 in 2014 ~~~ so 004 or 005 would be good :wink:

Yes indeed Happy Birthday to members of RAL.

We get back from a small holiday on the 4th of February so hopefully catch you and friends…

Good luck with the activation in any event.

Very best wishes.


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Very happy to hear it! I’ll inform all greek SOTA chasers and activators to be ready for you both!
If I have chance, I’ll try a summit. Happy birthday to all RAL members!

73 de Christos.

Thanks for the email and the info on the coming activation’s lets hope propagation is in our favour,have a safe trip both of you and we will be listening for you.88/73 Don G0RQL.