SOTA 10 years in Norway

On May 1st 2018 the Norwegian SOTA program celebrates it’s 10th anniversary, and a few of us have discussed making a special event on this day.

My hope is that we can bring as many activators as possible on the air that day, and that we can use this thread to plan the event. Anybody wishing to visit Norway and do an activation is of course also welcome :wink:

Some ideas

  • Diplomas for hunting X amount of SOTA stations in Norway during the activity
  • Diplomas for activators
  • A large, common article in Amatørradio (NRRL paper magazine) about the activations to get some PR about SOTA
  • Including the weekend before (apr 28-29) to be less vulnerable for bad WX
  • Special event call sign (for example LM10SOTA)
    • This costs 1000NOK, so it’s only viable if we do a multi-day activity, so more can share

Is anyone interested in joining the activity?


And of course, any input or ideas are very welcome :slight_smile:

As not all potentialy interested hams are registered here we also created Facebook group as alternative site for discussion.

A short update from Norway:
LM10SOTA is registered and will be active throughout the year. It’s available for use by all licenced operators in Norway, just contact me to set up an activation.