Sorry wrong reference given

Very sorry chasers I gave the wrong reference from my summit today.

I gave GW/NW-060 Mynydd-y-briw. When in fact I was on GW/NW-064 Mynydd Rhiw.

Sorry !!! Doh…Old age?


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Log updated, thanks for 'fessing up Barry!

I’m glad its not just me who does things like that :o)

Good to work you on 60m, one of my few contacts on that band. Lots of noise here, and using a random bit of wire because my doublet is down for maintenance at the moment…



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Happens to us all Barry.
Have to take my car in for a service in Leeds during rush hour tomorrow(about an hour in very heavy traffic) because I rang the wrong number. Should have been Bradford branch which is only 20mins away even in heavy traffic !!! :frowning:
Log corrected thanks for new WAB square on 60m and 40m (NW-60 wasn’t).

Roger G4OWG

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Phew! I forgive you Barry for not doing that summit when I wasn’t out anywhere to chase it :slight_smile:

Hope you had a good day Barry!


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Hi Barry glad you did not blame my spotting.
Thanks for points and summits.


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I have altered mine too.
thanks for letting us know barry.

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Hi Barry,

If you are like me, you leave the useful radio paperwork in the car and concentrate on the walk, taking the map as a priority! Can’t say you have much excuse on NW-064 though, unless you started at the bottom of the hill. :wink:

I must start attaching a copy of the summit information to the back of my maps so I don’t need to ask the first chaser for the summit reference, locator, etc.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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I must start attaching a copy of the summit information to the back of my maps

I can’t believe people don’t do that as a matter of course. That doesn’t stop you attaching the wrong info to the map as I did by giving Morrone’s ref when I was on Ben Gulabin!

For those who are Scottish summit location challenged, Morrone is about 10miles further up the A93 than Ben Gulabin. It’s the next Marilyn along.


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back of
my maps

Maps? How quaint. Not used one for years.

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REAL mountain people use maps! :wink:


Brian G8ADD

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Not used one for years.

So I see from the database Richard - last unique summit activation GM/SS-202 (Carn Dearg) on 26th August 2011. Anyway, maps don’t need batteries like mapping GPS do, so at the very least they are a useful, nay essential, back-up. Usually the two work hand in hand - the GPS in Paul’s hand, the map in mine… and we’ve never not got to a summit yet. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG

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I can’t believe people don’t do that as a matter of course.

Well Andy, the principle I work to is that I carry a copy of the itinerary with me separately as that has all the summit details on it and I can enter the actual times on it. However, I often manage to leave it in the car and end up putting times on the log sheets. Generally I haven’t realised that the information is not to hand until I have commenced the activation. Not a problem on 2m SSB as I have been able to ask, but it could have been a little tricky when running HF CW first. Thankfully on Islay when I ran HF first, all the SOTA references were firmly in my head and no-one asked for the locator or the WAB reference. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG