Sorry for wrong spot

For some reason, my THD72 sent a old spot via APRS2SOTA today. Please apologize.

73 de JP VA2SG

In reply to VA2SG:
Actually JP I saw that spot and thought “that looks like the wrong peak” so I looked up your location on When I saw that your were on Mont-Royal as you had planned, but ahead of schedule, I went to my 2m rig in the other room, and turned it on to hear you and Dan VA2KEY on the air. Thanks for the contact.

So the unintended spot, even if for the wrong peak, had the desired effect :slight_smile:

Malcolm VE2DDZ

In reply to VE2DDZ:

Correct Malcolm, VE2/SG-079 was one of the two summits I activated two weeks ago. It worked anyways hi…

Thanks for the call, leaves are now yellow on Royal :wink: