Sonntagshorn, DL/CG-072 on Saturday

Hi chasers,

I will be on a ski tour on Saturday ascending from Heutal/Unken to Sonntagshorn, DL/CG-072. This summit is right on the DL/OE border with a DL reference number. I will be operating from the OE side of the border and hence use my call OE5EEP/P and not the CEPT call DL/OE5… This type of cross border activation has caused confusion with chasers and questioning as to my reference previously. Therefore I try to clarify before setting out into the field.

Sonntagshorn is the highest summit of the Chiemgauer Alpen and counts for the Sky-Walker/Sky-Chaser Award of SOTA-DL: Sky Walker Award

I will be with a group of non-hams and this could end up as a “2m-FM-only” activation if time at summit is limited.

Final decision to go will be taken in the morning after seeing the weather, snow and avalanche status reports. If cancelled I will notify here.

73 Heinz, OE5EEP/P

WX is fine, we go!