Some sad news

I will repost this from another group as several of our AMs have used Winprom software developed by Edward Earl. As well, considerable amounts of the prominence information that has been used to develop associations has derived from his work. Edward was one of the leading global experts in prominence.

From: Prominence Yahoo Group:
I must report the dreadful news that Edward Earl has drowned in a river crossing attempt in the Arctic. The accident occurred on Saturday, June 20th. Details are still sketchy, but here is what I know from phone calls with Beckie Covill, who has been taking Sat phone calls from Dave Covill in the Arctic. The party was on their way out from their attempt on Mount Isto. Greg Sladen made it across the river first. Edward went second and was hanging on to a rope with arm strength. I do not know the configuration of the rope set up, only that Edward was not tied into the rope. Edward lost his footing and was left hanging onto the rope.Presumably, he had his pack on, which would have made his predicament tougher.Finally, he lost his grip on the rope, and went downstream.Greg on one side, and Dave Covill plus Jill Webster on the other bank gave chase downstream.Dave and Jill were able to get Edward out of the water some 300 feet below the rope point.They tried for an hour to revive Edward, but to no avail.A rescue chopper came in, flew Dave and Jill across the river, then flew out with Edward’s body.

Greg Sladen who was on this trip is the owner of the website which is often used for SOTA summit lists.

This is a sad loss of a prominence expert.

Terrible news Jim. Edward supplied guidance and some of the divide trees when analysing Belgium and Germany many years ago.

Simply awful to hear such news… Marc G0AZS

Dreadful news indeed.

Condolences to the family :disappointed_relieved:


The loss of anyone is always dreadful to some. Especially when it is someone who has touched the lives of many. I join the many in offering thoughts and prayers to the family.

OTOH, it was a life lived boldly, doing what he wanted to do. So many people are stuck in situations that they hate, jobs or relationships that they hang on to even thought they would much rather be doing something else.

Tragic, most certainly. But I can think of many worse ways to die. Mourn, but celebrate the life and achievements too.

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