Some of S57XX/p SOTA Activations


Below are links to some of my 30 activations in the last 5 months. Sorry, but text is only in Slovene language. Links to photos or might be interesting also for others. See you from the next SOTA. “PK region”, my last one, should be activated shortly.

73 de Jure, S57XX

BI-002 S5/BI-002 Črni vrh - SOTA S5

BR-030 S5/BR-030 Jastreb - SOTA S5
BR-029 S5/BR-029 Novi Brič - SOTA S5
BR-028 S5/BR-028 Poljane - SOTA S5
BR-001 S5/BR-001 Veliki Snežnik - SOTA S5

CP-036 S5/CP-036 Črni vrh - SOTA S5
CP-025 S5/CP-025 Planica - SOTA S5
CP-022 S5/CP-022 Osolnik - SOTA S5
CP-021 S5/CP-021 Kucelj - SOTA S5
CP-018 S5/CP-018 Sveti Miklavž - SOTA S5
CP-016 S5/CP-016 Škofje - SOTA S5
CP-013 S5/CP-013 Tošč - SOTA S5
CP-012 S5/CP-012 Lubnik - SOTA S5
CP-011 S5/CP-011 Pasja ravan - SOTA S5
CP-006 S5/CP-006 Mladi vrh - SOTA S5
CP-005 S5/CP-005 Koprivnik - SOTA S5
CP-004 S5/CP-004 Partizanski vrh - SOTA S5
CP-002 S5/CP-002 Porezen - SOTA S5
CP-001 S5/CP-001 Altemaver - SOTA S5

GS-019 S5/GS-019 Križarka - SOTA S5
GS-018 S5/GS-018 Hum - SOTA S5

JA-035 S5/JA-035 Slatnik - SOTA S5

KA-006 S5/KA-006 Kladivo - SOTA S5

KS-021 S5/KS-021 Kržišče - SOTA S5

PK-xxx No activations till now :wink:

TK-023 S5/TK-023 Goli vrh - SOTA S5

RG-033 S5/RG-033 Verdebška gora - SOTA S5