Some log not Uploaded


As i was looking for the * with my S2S qso,I noticed 3 log have not been uploaded.
Any info about those?
Gerald F6HBI

OM/DL7AU/P OM/ZA-013 20/03/2014
GW0PEB/P GW/NW-022 15/04/2014
OK/DJ5AA/P OK/US-020 31/07/2014

Hi Gerald,

Robert G(W)0PEB has not updated his activator log since last year (2013).

He did activate G/NW-022 on 15th April 2014 so the * is missing only because he has not uploaded his log yet.

Thanks for the chaser QSO with F/AM-057 on 16th August :smile:

Vy best 73,

Mark G0VOF

Hi Gerald,
If you check and the activator has uploaded his log and your contact is not in there, it might be worth (politely) contacting the activator to make sure he/she has your call correct. If the activator simply hasn’t uploaded his/her log (yet). I wouldn’t bother him/her. Some people take a long time to upload their logs and even if your contact is unconfirmed, that does not mean that you wont be allowed the points. The MT are good about these kinds of situations.
73 Ed DD5LP / VK2JI / G8GLM.

It’s not about whether we’re good or not. The rules say you don’t need to submit confirmations of QSO.