Some little changes

hi all,
will change some of my operating style in next activations !

  • will adopt a bit the style of Norby,Dan etc. on 40m-cw.
    reasons : safety in the summer months with many possible thunderstorms,
    to give all stations the chance to work me in a shortskip opening,
    give me more time to look out on the higher bands.
    that means you can call me after the 73,TU. i will hold the repeat of
    the callsign after the report if i´m on qrp.thats make it easier for the
    chasers.on all other bands…ragchew is possible :slight_smile:

  • will reduce my use of spotlite ! its expensive and i like more to key my
    morsekey as the little keys on my handy .
    but this should be no problem if one of the last stations who worked me
    spotting my qsy-info,that i give everytime before qsy,into sotawatch.

    and if i send a selfspot like 3558 > 7032 > 7160 > 10118 etc…,
    i will use this spotted qrg´s in that order! + - qrm

    spotlite is sure by me, if i try on 17,12,10m etc.

  • will do more cw-contesting again ,after a few months break and sota-only.but
    most times in the qrp-class and as portable.that means i will do some
    contest as a single op on sota-summits ? why not , others go to rare
    dxcc´s :slight_smile:

vy 73 Klaus