Some Incorrect Spots for MW1EYP/P yesterday

I noticed some incorrect spots for my dad Tom M1EYP yesterday. At 13:09 UTC he was spotted by the RBNHole on GW/SW-025, at this time he was in GW/SW-034 and a correct spotted for this summit was posted by OK2PDT at 13:12 UTC. He was in GW/SW-025 earlier that day at around 11:40 UTC. Also another incorrect spot was posted by 2W0FLW at 18:25 UTC of him activating GW/SW-020. This summit reference is incorrect as he was on GW/SW-030 at this time and hasn’t activated GW/SW-020 on his SOTA road trip yet, but he may activate that one later this week. Chasers please correct your logs if you logged my dad yesterday with an incorrect summit reference.

Jimmy M0HGY