Solar eclipse VK6 in April 2023

I see their adverts in astronomy magazines every month. That article reads like a carefully crafted not-quite-an-advert press release from one such company.

Yikes! My sister booked flights from Perth to Kenya over Xmas for less…


I’ll admit to having researched the flight possibilities and costs, only after having started this thread. As you say, it costs a pretty penny to fly in, and that’s when flights are available to Exmouth, which aren’t every day or even week. Not a viable prospect for us ornery folk!

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There was a reasonable half page article with photos in today’s Sydney Morning Herald. And a much bigger article in the NYTimes.

I have a temporary discount on the NYT so was able to read the article, it may normally be behind a pay wall.

There were articles in many papers including the Guardian. A web search finds many.

Some people apparently did make the trip from eastern Australia. Quite an effort and good on them for doing it.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA


Hi all

I’m a bit late reading this. there were 2 stations operating this week. VK6ECLIPSE from Exmouth. This was by a local Perth ham visiting family up there and thought it would be cool to get the callsign. I am not sure how active he was.

The other Activation was by VK6NAD from the Carnarvon Space Museum. He was Using the Callsign VI6CRO and was very active during the week from the museum. More info here.

As for the SOTA side of things, The Pilbarra is a long way from Perth and as others have said, local road conditions, wx, fuel costs etc can make it a challenge. Not to mention the cost.


John VK6NU


Impact of eclipse on ionograms

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