So many Web pages...Confusion for a Newbie

What’s the difference between SOTA Homepage, SOTA Reflector, SOTAwatch3, and SOTA Database? I’m so confused, I just want to log in my contacts as a chaser. I just don’t know how to do that I guess. I was able to do it last year on the old “reflector” even though I don’t know what that means. I must have lucked out and just happen to click on the right things. But now, I can’t seem to log on and get to my log to add new contacts. It’s a real mind twister. Sorry i’m just very new to all this. Please advise, thanks…

I’m not an expert but…

There is a single sign on - so same logon for every site.
Sotawatch - Spots and Alerts - for finding activations
Database - For logging your chases
Reflector ( Here ) - For asking questions or just sharing what you are doing
Sotamaps - maps!
and one that is very good and linked SOTLAS - Sota Atlas - abd because they all share the same database it will even show where you have chased or activated.

Hope this helps

73 Paul G4IPB


Ahhh, so “Reflector” refers to reflecting as in pondering and discussing, not “reflector” as in a digital mode radio node such as Yaesu System Fusion “reflector”. haha, see that’s how dumb I am. lol Ok yes, your reply helps tremendously, and thank you so much.

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Hi David,

Yes Reflector is the old name for a Forum.

All sites are linked down from apart from SOTATLAS which has its own website SOTL.AS

73 Ed.

Thanks for this! I did not know about it.

Except for the Reflector, which is a different password, and requires a 10 character password. So now I have two passwords. :frowning: